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About Me

My name is Janet V. Kee and I am the founder, owner and editor at Tenis Shop.Who doesn’t love desserts? Well, I certainly do. It is, in fact, the only course I always wait whenever I am eating out. I have no power whatsoever to deny my sweet-tooth craving when there are so many desserts in the world that I could taste. That is why I choose to gather, compile and collect all the dessert I’ve ever tasted all around the country and show it to you in this blog. I know many people tend to avoid this sweet heavenly food because of all the sugar in it. But do you know that sweet food is not that evil? It depends on how much you ate, of course. But a little sweetness in your life once or twice won’t hurt, right?

I get that some people think that sugary foods can cause several diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, and other diseases. Therefore, some parents forbid their children to eat sweet foods, like candy, to avoid tooth decay. Sweet foods do not always cause disease.

Do you know that sweet food could improve thinking ability? I don’t, because I don’t think when I see dessert, I just eat. Glucose is the brain’s fuel, so eating sweet foods can improve memory, thought processes, and concentration. However, if the glucose stores in the liver and muscles are used up, the body will use fat and protein to get energy. But, when fat and protein are depleted, the body will use muscle to get energy. This is what makes a person feel weak, easily tired, and lose concentration.

And that is why I need dessert all the time because I need to improve my thinking ability around food. And my job in the marketing department demands me to go around the country so you will probably see your state’s typical dessert here in my blog. Or you could give me a suggestion on where and what should I try in your area.