You Might Want To These Hand Sewing Techniques

What do you do if the pants that are being used are suddenly torn and there is no sewing machine at home? No need to panic, you can just beautify your favorite pants so that they can still be used only with a needle. Yes, at this time all items are sophisticated and use machines. However, that does not mean the traditional way must be abandoned, especially if you can use the best sewing kit for your hand sewing techniques.

To find out about how to sew pants without using a sewing machine, consider the following complete tips:

Hand Sewing with Stitch Model

The first sewing technique without using a sewing machine is a stitched model. This technique is usually used by traditional tailors when sewing the bottom of a shirt or pants. Stitch technique is relatively easier to use than other techniques.

Hand Sewing with Basting Stitch Model

The next traditional sewing technique is the basting stitch model. This technique is done by combining two pieces for a while before being crushed using a machine. even though it doesn’t use a machine, this technique can still be used in traditional sewing. Basting stitch technology creates a stitch pattern with a dashed line.

Hand Sewing with Footprint Rat Model

This type of hand sewing technique is almost the same as doing a sewing basting stitch technique. For each black bean, the distance used is around 1/16 to 1/8 inch. This type of stabbing is usually used by traditional tailors because even without a machine can unite the fabric to be sewed.

Backstitch Model of Hand Sewing

The last sewing technique without using a sewing machine is the backstitch technique. The advantage of using this technique is that it makes the stitches very strong even if only by hand. This sewing technique is widely used on heavy or dense fabrics.

Not only that, because of the strong sewing technique, this one is also often used to repair stitches. Tips to do this backstitch technique is to start stitching from the far right end.