You May Try These 5 Cool Tips For Designing Shirts

T-shirt design is one of the most popular outlets for advertising material. Often times we see a super cool shirt design. That’s quite interesting, right? Well, are you an illustrator, graphic designer, who has a t-shirt design with a pretty cool concept? You must try to think over and over and also Learn more if you want to create interesting design concepts on t-shirts.

What do you need to do to create a t-shirt design that gives an amazing impression? How about the following 5 tips?

01. Take time and explore concepts

Make sketches, explore the surrounding environment, make some variations, do a full brainstorming process. Then repeat again and do it again. If an interesting idea has come up, explore other ideas to create a better concept.

02. Imagine a design attached to a shirt

Don’t be afraid to make an experiment, if you finish imagining a design, pour it immediately on a piece of paper and temple on a shirt. You can do a survey of friends, how the impression designs and ask for their input.

03. Also, use detailed and simple concepts

Everyone respects the ability to draw large and pay attention to small things and details. There’s nothing better than seeing a really good and executed work on a shirt, which you can study for hours. In this way, some of the most classic designs have become simpler.

04. Consider the target market

Taking into account the market is an important one. Do you make t-shirt designs for men or women, young or old? In the end, you make a product design, and want someone else to use it right? Review your target market. What is the design that they like, what colors dominate them and what kind of shirt models that become their favorite? That will make it easier for you to market your shirt.

05. Include a funny impression

Some people like funny impressions. Besides being fresh, this design concept is also not boring. You certainly want everyone to be happy wearing your shirt, right? You must choose smart writing and images before you finally produce them.