You Can Try These Tips To Survive Hard Tracks On Happy Wheels Game

Happy Wheels game is a very famous low-spec game that can make a lot of people laugh out loud. This low-spec game has pretty nice graphics so many people can enjoy the game without having to torture their eyes. However, the thing that makes this game popular is its ridiculousness because of its characters and tracks. You can even play as a father with a son who rides on a track with dangerous traps and losing your heads and limbs. As long as you can withstand a little bit of gore, you can play happy wheels at the run 3 unblocked video game website.

However, if you want to survive to ride on the hard tracks in this game, we recommend you to try these tips:

Watch playthrough videos of the track first

It might make you lose the excitement of exploring the hard track full of traps by yourself. However, if your sole target is to survive the track and ride on it flawlessly without taking any damage, then watching videos of professional gamers who play on those hard tracks can be useful for you. Although you might still fail at your a few first attempts, at least you will be able to know the track’s layout before even you ride on it.

Try to ride your bike slowly

Although not all tracks can be explored slowly and carefully, at least most track allows you to do that. This will reduce your risk of being decapitated by sharp traps, while also avoiding chasms that might appear on the ground suddenly. We recommend you to do this if you want to study every nook and cranny about the track, so you can make a flawless playthrough video afterward.

Choose the smallest character

If the track allows you to choose the character, then we recommend you to choose the smallest one, due to such a character has a smaller hitbox so it won’t get hit by traps easily.