You Can Try These Tips To Store Light Weight Steel Properly

It is very important for us to know how to store mild steel properly and safely so that during storage the quality of mild steel does not decrease. In the meantime, you can also call the Special Inspections Ontario CA if you need inspectors who can evaluate the result of your steel construction.

Here are tips on how to store mild steel:

Store in a dry place

Store mild steel in a dry place. Use support pads so that light steel does not come into direct contact with the floor or ground surface.

If mild steel is stored in an open place, the light steel should be covered with plastic or tarpaulin to protect mild steel from heat and rain directly. In addition, try to arrange light steel in sloping conditions to avoid the presence of standing water. This can be done by making the pedestal base have a different height.

Keep mild steel from materials that can damage the anti-rust coating on mild steel

do not place mild steel in a place that has the potential to cause mild steel to be exposed or in direct contact with a material that can damage the anti-rust coating. such as cement water, floor or ceramic cleaning fluid, or other acidic liquids.

Pay attention to how light steel is stacked or arranged

Place mild steel carefully or slowly to avoid mild steel from being bent, dented and/or scratched on the anti-rust surface. The presence of defects on the anti-rust surface will make steel come into direct contact with air (oxygen). This will cause a chemical reaction and over time will cause corrosion or rust on mild steel.

Giving anti-rust coating on mild steel

If the mild steel to be stored has an imperfect defect or condition as a result of cutting, assembly errors, or other causes that cause the anti-rust coating to open, then the defective part must be closed first using a layer of anti-rust paint before the process storage is done.

Arrange light steel with the same size or profile into one unit

Do not mix various sizes or profiles of mild steel in one stack. This will be difficult later when you will take the light steel to use.