You Can Try These 3 Ways To Clean A Sticky Tile

A sticky tile can be very annoying. Aside from making you feel uncomfortable when you step on it, dirt will also attach itself easily on your sticky flor. Furthermore, the accumulated dirt may support the growth of bacteria, thus increasing the risk of disease appears in your house. Therefore, you need to clean it immediately and regularly. Meanwhile, if you can’t clean your tiles due to your busy schedule, we recommend you call the best tile cleaning north shore.

Well, the things you need to apply to clean it are actually simple and may be very cheap and you can do it yourself at home. Here are 3 ways to clean the sticky tile:

1. You may use soda water

Soda water has a good acid content to remove dirt on the tile. This has often been expressed in several blogs, especially those that present information related to home care. The method of application is to pour soda water on the dirty tile and leave it for a while. Wait until it seeps in perfectly and then rub it slowly. If necessary, use a mop to make the tile cleaner.

2. Clean the sticky tile with vinegar

How to clean sticky tiles with vinegar water is actually the same as using soda water. But vinegar is easier to obtain and the price is cheaper for those who want to save money. The method of application is to mix vinegar acid with a little water then splash it on the dirty tile area. Let stand for a while until the tile is half dry and then rubbed with a rag. The final process is to mop the tile so that the smell caused by vinegar can disappear.

3. Eliminates stickiness on the tile with hot water

These tips we call the simplest way and do not require special steps to implement it. Simply provide enough boiling water and pour it on the tile area that feels sticky. Let stand for a while until the tile is cold than can be wiped. Hot water serves to erode and soften the dirt that sticks to the tile. So that in the end, the dirt that feels sticky will be easier to clean.

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