You Can Do These Tricks When Your Smartphone Cannot Be Recharged

It’s just like other electronic devices in general, a smartphone can work when there is electric power flowing in it. So, what if your smartphone can’t be charged? The battery is almost gone, but there is no response when it’s connected to the charger. If this happens, there are a number of possible causes. For example, your device is refusing to be charged, the cable is in trouble, or maybe your cellphone is charging very slowly. You might bring it to a certified service center in singapore to repair it.

However, there are a number of ways you can do to repair your smartphone, such as:

Restart the smartphone

Often mobile problems only occur temporarily. To fix this, rebooting or shutting down and turning it back on is the first step that you should try.

When the mobile phone is deactivated, all applications running in the background will die. So anything that causes charging problems will automatically disappear. However, if your cellphone still can’t be charged again after it’s turned on, try following the next steps.

Clean the charging port

It could be a problem sourced from the port on your cellphone. Often the metal plates inside the port and charger don’t make good contact. This can happen because of a blockage due to dust.

The easiest and fastest solution for this is to clean it manually. To do this, turn off the cellphone and remove the battery if possible.

Then use a toothpick or something to clean the dust. Do it slowly so as not to damage the slab. After that try to turn on the cellphone and charge the battery.

Replace the charger cable or adapter

If the cellphone still doesn’t want to be charged, the problem could be from the charger cable you are using. Either because there are broken components, short-circuited, or because the cable you are using is not original. To overcome this, try changing to another cable, especially with cables of the same brand with your smartphone.

If it seems that your cable has no problems, try checking the adapter. These tools often become loose due to prolonged use. You can also test other cable and adapter combinations, so you can see if it’s a problem with your previous cable or adapter.