You Can Do These Steps To Build A Campfire In The Wild

You Can Do These Steps To Build A Campfire In The Wild

When we survive in the wild, it is important to maintain body heat so as not to aggravate critical situations. For this, you need to start a fire, with which you can not only use for cooking your food, but also dry your wet clothes. Apart from that, some survival gear can also help you build fire easily. You can visit to find the best survival gear that you may need in the wild.

First of all, we need materials for burning – firewood, dry twigs, tree bark, with which we make a small stack of wood. Now it’s the turn to light up the whole stack of wood. If you have glasses, binoculars, a camera, then use a lens, try to focus the sunlight on dry wood. When smoking, blowhard, giving a good flow of air to the initial fire. If you don’t have a lens or the sun is covered in thick clouds, you can use the following method:

Step 1: Find a piece of softwood and cut a groove in the base.

Step 2: At one end, place a little wood to light it.

Step 3: Using a hard stick, start rubbing the gutter up and down.

Step 4: When you see a little smoke, blow out the burning bush to start a fire.

Step 5: When the fire is lit, give it more branches and sticks for its fuel so that it grows into a perfect fire.

It is equally important in the wild to find or independently build a shelter that will save you from rain and wind and serve as your shelter.

If you are lucky enough to find a cave, then it might become a temporary shelter, but first, make sure that no one lives in it. If not, you will be able to build your own shelter:

Step 1: Find a large branch and lean it against the tree.

Step 2: Place the smaller branch at a 45-degree angle along the entire length of the large branch on both sides.

Step 3: Leave the structure.

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