Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is great for decking materials

WPC is an extension of the wood plastic composite, which in language can be interpreted as a plastic wood composite. Composite itself can be interpreted as a mixture. So, WPC is a mix of wood and plastic. WPC is a new material composed of wood and plastic elements that are melted together and form a new material, the WPC. However, if you wish to look for other decking materials with high-quality and affordable prices, perhaps the ipe decking prices can be worthwhile for you to check.

WPC is an alternative to the wood of today. Increasing wood prices and exploitation of timber use make us have to start preserving the wood. WPC is made with 50% plastic fiber composition and 50% wood powder. WPC can provide wood-like strength and beauty with durability and advantages as well as the benefits of polymers or plastics.

Wood composite hollow (WPCH: Wood plastic composite hollow)

This wood is said to be hollow because of the wood there is a hole that is almost similar to the iron hollow. The wood is usually used for the yard fence, the terrace floor and also the roof for the gazebo.

Solid Wood Composite (WPCS)

Usually, this type of solid wood composite is made in the form of a board, either straight or curved. So, this type of wood can be used for buildings like ordinary building materials.

Here are the benefits of WPC:

– Excess WPC can be recycled for production again.

– It has a variety of different panel sizes and can be used for inside and outside the home.

– More fireproof than other similar products. When there is a fire on the panel, the fire only lights up at one point and does not spread.

– High resistance to impact and abrasion. It has good dimensional stability, it will not expand when in a humid area.

– The possibility of cracking is very small.

– High resistance to water and chemicals

– Good resistance to termites, fungi, and pests

– Generally cheaper than wood.

– Best for long-term investment.

– 100% can be recycled.

– Aesthetically, WPC has a design that supports the beauty of the house.

– Color does not fade quickly.