Why Your Car Needs Auto Detailing

Does your car look dingy and old? You can try mobile detailing orlando. Is it important and quite useful one method of caring for this car? Auto detailing is a way to care and beautify the appearance of vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. For cars, this treatment is carried out in two parts, namely the interior and exterior parts.

Why is this detailing important? Vehicles as a tool that every day out of the house and meet with a variety of street dust, rain, oil, gravel, dirt, even scratches will produce different comforts.

Comfort is increasingly fading because these things need to be found as a solution. There are 4 stages that are carried out in the auto detailing process in Central Jakarta, here we will discuss them one by one.


Before the vehicle is polished and beautified first washed. Although it sounds trivial, this stage cannot be separated in the detailing process. Why is that? The washing stage in the detailing process is carried out with the right technique, the purpose is to clean up various impurities attached to the vehicle body.


Generally, this preparation stage is considered to be the most important stage that is more concerned by users of auto detailing services than other stages. In this stage, the vehicle will be repaired from the presence of berets, scratches, and other defects in the vehicle body.


It is true that the end of the preparation phase has given the results that are visible. The detailing process continues with the protection process. Parts of the vehicle that have been polished, cleaned with defects, will be given protection in the form of wax layers. In addition to the wax layer, officers can also provide protection in the form of sealants or coatings on the surface of the paint.


This is the last step in the detailing process for cars. The purpose of this stage is to prevent impurities that can make protection capabilities weak. You can do regular maintenance on the vehicle.