Why You Should Maintain the Level of Your Cortisol Hormone

Cortisol is a type of hormone produced by the adrenal glands to improve the body’s response function to a particular situation. The hormone cortisol will tend to be high when we are stressed, which is usually characterized by anxiety and anxiety. Even the number can stay for a long time and can result in serious health problems.

What are the health disorders that can arise due to high hormone cortisol? Well, the long-term increase in the hormone cortisol interferes with some of the physiological functions of the body which may also become your reasons why you decide to consume cortisol supplements, including:

Blood sugar is not balanced

Cortisol plays a role in providing energy in the form of blood glucose as a form of preparation to face a stressful condition but if it happens in a long time it can cause damage and trigger the development of diabetes mellitus.

Health problems of blood vessels

The high levels of cortisol in the blood can complicate the blood distribution of oxygen and increase the pressure in the blood vessels. So it triggers the damage to blood vessels and various heart diseases.

Distended stomach

In addition to unsightly eyes, distended belly saves a lot of potential health problems. Stomach has more fat cells than other body parts. The hormone cortisol is one of the triggers of maturation of fat cells that trigger the accumulation of belly fat faster. In the medical world, the distended belly is classified as central obesity.

The immune system is weakening

The hormone cortisol plays a role to reduce the inflammatory reaction in the body. Somehow, at the same time, this hormone also has side effects on the immune system by lowering the immune response to the presence of germs that expose the body. Maintaining immunity of the body is important so that is why you should find out the best way to maintain your stress by lowering the cortisol.