Sure, there must be many articles you can read online to find out the tips how to write seo friendly blog posts. After you create a blog, either create a blog on Blogger or create a blog on WordPress, then you will do of course write and post articles on the blog. Creating articles is actually an easy job, even sleeping while you can do it. However, creating articles on different blogs by creating articles to be published in other media. Writing articles for blogs should be standard SEO because the quality of articles you write will contribute a big part of the success and failure of your blog development in the future. While considering to use Google My Business (GMB) the free tool from Google, you can first focus on the content of your blog.

Articles are very closely related to the forms of blog optimization techniques that you will do. It should be noted that to make your blog famous the quality of the article is crucial to the end result. Articles should be written with good accuracy, descriptive, and understandable to the reader. Although search engines are actually machines, search engines can recognize the quality of an article with an algorithm that is designed in such a complex by the search engine programmers concerned.

To bring many visitors to your blog, the initial capital needed is a quality article. If your blog contains a collection of quality articles, in the future blog optimization process, will run more easily because basically, the article is a milestone of blog traffic. As much as any optimization empowerment you do, the results will still not match your expectations if the quality of articles on your blog does not meet the standards.

Writing articles is not a difficult part in blogging routines, but to write articles with word content of 500 words/articles sometimes make us feel saturated then ignore a number of things that really is a priority. Word density in article writing is very important, and you should not ignore it, because the density of the article impacts on the final outcome of the application of an optimization method. Also, paying attention to keyword placement procedures is very important. The placement of keywords must be done in appropriate ways; keyword phrase, keyword density <5%, the keyword must represent the contents of the article as a whole.

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