Want to be a “cosplayer”? Understand What Cosplay Is First

Have you ever seen people imitating style or matching themselves with characters in comics or anime? Well, it’s called cosplay. However, do you know the history of cosplay creation? Well, on this occasion I will discuss about it, regarding its history, types, and so on. Just see it below. Meanwhile, Connect on Twitter so you can see the tweets about Youmacon there.


Cosplay or costume games are Japanese-made English terms (wasei-eigo) which come from a combination of the words “costume” (costume) and “play” (play). Cosplay means the hobby of wearing clothes and accessories and makeup as worn by characters in anime, manga, fairy tales, video games, idol singers and musicians, and cartoons. Costume players are called costume players or cosplayers.

In Japan, costume game participants can be found in events held by fellow fan gatherings (dojin circle), such as Comic Market or attending concerts from music groups with visual kei genre. Costume game fans including costume players and not costume players have spread throughout the world, namely America, China, Europe, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Since the second half of the 1960s, fans of science fiction stories and films in the United States often hold science fiction conventions. The convention participants wore costumes like those worn by figures of science fiction films such as Star Trek. The culture of the United States has always known the forms of masquerades such as Haloween and Easter celebrations.

The tradition of organizing science fiction conventions reached Japan in the 1970s in the form of costume shows. In Japan, the “cosplay” demonstration was first held in 1978 in Ashinoko, Kanagawa Prefecture in the form of the 17th science fiction convention Nihon SF Taikai party.

Science fiction critic Mari Kotani attends the convention wearing costumes like the characters in the cover story of A Fighting Man of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Not only does Mari Kotani attend the Nihon SF Taikai while cosplaying. Gainax animation company director Yasuhiro Takeda wears a Star Wars character costume.