Maybe you are already familiar with the problem of slow start Windows has been used for a long time. This is not a new story for Windows users, sometimes they try to re-install Windows to make the computer run as fast as it once was. Maybe you assume that Windows has begun to slow it because you own. Though this problem often occurs due to low memory. Not memory RAM but the virtual memory that helps the performance of RAM. Your computer has two types of memory. First is the hard drive or solid state drive, used for the operating system and store data such as photos, files, music, documents and so on. Second is RAM, used to store temporary data from applications, software or processes. virtual data room is perfect for storing files in the long run, while the RAM works more quickly and stable, the task to download programs and files that you open.

Then what is the relationship of all that with virtual data room? virtual data room is very useful. If you use all the space of RAM for the operating system, then virtual memory will handle other processes. If it’s on a Linux operating system, it’s more like a swap file to provide temporary memory help. This allows your system to handle more programs, but because the hard disk memory performance is slower than RAM then the computer performance will decrease. When RAM memory is slow, the swap file will come in handy. Some data stored in RAM will be transferred to the swap file, implementing extra space for high-speed memory.

You can eliminate these error messages by increasing the number of virtual memory, as described in the above error message. By default, Windows sets up virtual memory for the same amount of RAM that your computer uses. There are other ways to increase your virtual memory. If you feel the system is still running slowly after upgrading virtual memory, it looks like you should upgrade your RAM memory. The last few years the price of RAM is much cheaper than when you bought it. You can share the system by increasing the number of virtual memory. Windows limits virtual memory up to three times the amount of RAM installed on your computer.

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