Do not be like this, do not wear it, wear it. Various suggestions how to get rid of acne circulating in the community. But whether the suggestion is really powerful or just a myth. Small, red, sick. Who does not get annoyed if acne comes to decorate face, neck, chest, or back? Acne is a common thing experienced by adolescents who are undergoing puberty, but adults can also be infected this little one. Because almost experienced by everyone, acne became a common thing discussed, especially on how to get rid of acne. Various versions of how to get rid of acne appear everywhere, but is everything right? Visit our website and see the proper cyst popping videos.

Here are some myths how to get rid of acne:

– Do not eat chocolate

No food can cause acne. Acne is mostly caused by hormones and hereditary factors. Chocolate is not associated with acne, but to safely consume dark chocolate (dark chocolate) low sugar and milk. Foods that contain sugar and high carbohydrates can trigger an increase in insulin levels. This insulin is able to increase the amount of androgen hormone (male hormone), a hormone that can cause a painful big cyst around the jaw. Some studies even show that dairy products are thought to trigger acne. But the statement is not so strong. Eating fruits, vegetables, and low-carbohydrate foods are thought to help the body fight the effects of inflammation, one of which is acne.

– Frequent face wash

Research reveals that washing the face twice a day is effective to cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt. If excessive it can make the skin becomes dry and irritation that actually makes acne worse. Wash your face gently with a mild soap or cleanser (no detergent). Then dry your face by patting with a soft towel. Do not rub face and use products containing alcohol / exfoliate/scrub, because it can irritate the acne and the surrounding skin area.

– Do not use sunscreen

Some sunscreen can indeed clog pores and aggravate acne, but not all. It is advisable to choose a sunscreen with an oil-free formula and a quick-drying liquid base. Sunscreen is able to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight that causes the formation of dark pigmentation spots on where the acne is located.

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