Understanding of Wheel Tractor Scrapper

Wheel Tractor Scrapper is heavy equipment used to load, move, distribute and dispose of material in the context of road maintenance. This tool is used to dig its own cargo, then transport it to the specified place, then the load is divided and leveled. Scrapper is able to dig/peel the soil surface up to + 2.5 mm thick or hoard a place up to a minimum thickness of + 2.5 mm. Scrapers can be used to cut the slopes of embankments or slopes of dams, digging the soil between concrete buildings, leveling highways or airports. Visit didakt to get this heavy tool.

The efficiency of using scrapper depends on:
Depth of excavated soil
Engine condition
Operators who work.

If viewed from the driver, there are two types of a scrapper, namely:

– Down Scrapper Tractor

Ancient scrapers, for example, are like Down Scrapper Tractors which work by being pulled by a bulldozer or tractor so that they have small production capacity, because the bulldozer movement is very slow, and the hauling distance is less than 67 m.

– Self Propelled Scrappers

Self Propelled Scrappers are a type of Scrapper that is modern and currently widely used. This scraper has a special drive engine so that the movement is agile and agile. SelfPropelled Scrappers production can be high, if used to transport medium distances (+ 5 km) the effectiveness can compete with trucks, both in production costs per ton (m3) and speed.

A scraper is commonly used in mining, construction, agriculture, and other land transfer applications. The back has a movable vertical hopper with a sharp horizontal front edge. It can be lowered and raised using hydraulic power. The front edge cuts into the ground or clay like a plane and fills the hopper. When the hopper is full, it will be lifted and closed with a vertical knife (known as an apron).