If your smartphone’s camera lens is scratched either by friction or other things, it should be cleaned using white toothpaste. Apply toothpaste (not too much) to the camera lens. After that, rub it slowly. This simple method turns out to be able to eliminate the scratches on the smartphone camera lens. On the other hand, you may also interested to check out and also Buy Australian Refurbished Phones.

A better way to clean the scratched lens by using a cotton bud. Apply white toothpaste to a cotton bud. After that, attach it to the scratched lens and rotate it clockwise. Leave it for a moment.

If it feels enough, cleans the remaining toothpaste that is still visible attached to the lens of the smartphone using a little water. To clean it, you can use a special microfiber cloth.

Cleanses dewy lenses

This one method is used for the lens of your dewy smartphone camera. Usually, the camera lens becomes dewy because it is stored in a damp place. Now, if your camera shots are not optimal and your smartphone’s camera lens looks fine, it might be the cause because the lens is a dewy smartphone.

To overcome this, the way is done is to remove the battery first, but do not forget to turn off your smartphone first. After that, dry your smartphone with a hairdryer. Direct the hair dryer on the side of the smartphone so that no more dew appears.

Replacing the Camera Lens Cover

For a scratched smartphone lens, if it is cleaned with white toothpaste that is not optimal, then the photo shots are still blurry, can use this method. The trick is to replace the camera lens cap. Use a razor to pry the camera lens. Do this carefully.

After prying, replace the camera lens cover with a new one. Of course, you need to buy a new lens cap. If you don’t have funds, you can use an alternative using clear tape.

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