Tips for protecting your kids from kidnappers

Preventing your kids from being kidnapped can be quite a bother, but it’s worth your time and effort due to the regret will never bring them back to you once it happens. So that’s why we’d like to share with you some tips for preventing your child from being kidnapped. You can also buy the Keep Kids Safe Gps Tracker to monitor the location of your children all the time.


Explain to children the importance of being wary of others especially to unknown people because they may have bad intentions. This alert attitude can, for example, be taught to a child by refusing to be invited to leave or refusing any gift from another person if it has not been approved by the parent, not indiscriminately inviting a stranger to enter the house, not traveling outside the home alone without a responsible adult of his salvation.

If you want to take a child to a crowded place, teach children not to separate themselves from parents or caregivers and take care of the child with knowledge of the location of the information officer or security guard, parent’s name and telephone number and how easy to find the parent if he lost.

Provide a child with basic martial arts techniques in order to escape immediately from the kidnappers. Give a kidnapping simulation so the child can know what action he should take if someone is trying to force him to kidnap him. For example by shouting for help, immediately run to the security guard or try to attract the attention of people around him.

Parents need to work together with the school to jointly prevent the kidnapping. For example by creating a system where the school only allows children to leave school when it is picked up by a person whose identity in accordance with that given by parents or children has been picked up by the school’s school car.

Parents should carefully select the people employed at home, especially caregivers and drivers. For example by checking their identity and credibility to the dealer where we take them or to the employer where they worked previously. Do not indiscriminately tell other people who have not trusted to pick up children at school. Try to make your own pickup when no one else can be trusted.

Parents need to tell the child, if there are people who are suspected of having the potential for revenge, never conflict or compete business with parents so that children can be careful or stay away when meeting with the person.

Familiarize the child to not carelessly provide information about the family, such as habits or parenting schedule, phone number and home address to a stranger who asks him either directly or via telephone. Because of this information is feared will be misused for someone’s evil intentions.

How busy any parent, try to keep doing supervision and communication with children. For example, by calling a child or providing time to hear the child’s story about the events that happened during the day. This is necessary so that parents can anticipate the possibility of someone who intends evil in children.