This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Are Affected By Super Hot Weather

Not all countries have the opportunity to get this really useful sun exposure. Even so, the body also has limits in accepting the temperature of the environment or the heat of the sun. More details, reported from various sources, this is what happens to your body when you are exposed to hot weather! Aside from that, you may want to call the aircon servicing singapore if your AC must be repaired soon by the professionals aircon servicing singapore.

1. Expending body fluids is an important process in maintaining body temperature

Our body always produces heat energy, so it always works well in cooling itself. This ability can be obtained when a person’s metabolism is completely normal or healthy. Based on research by Matthew Cramer, an expert from the National Institute of Aging, your brain will tell your body to start sweating, with the aim of releasing body heat.

2. A sense of resistance to hot temperatures also has its limits and your body can become a natural alarm for it

If your body gets too hot and it can’t manage its heat cycle again, this condition is called heat stroke. According to research from the Manchester Institute of Technology, you might start feeling dizzy, dazed and even fainting. Usually, you will find it very difficult to focus and can vomit up.

3. Pushing yourself too far in a super hot environment will be very dangerous for your organs

You will be at risk of organ damage because just being silent when the temperature around you is high is the same as you like cooking your own organs. This can cause permanent disability or even death. If it’s hot above average, you can also feel cramps in your muscles or swelling at your feet.

So even though you are accustomed to living in a hot or hot area, do not force yourself to survive in hot conditions, especially when your body has given signals that it is not right.

Excessive sweating alone can be a sign that you can’t last too long with these conditions. To overcome this, you can use certain air control devices such as fans or air conditioners, drink lots of water or reduce the layer of clothing you wear.