This Is How to Secure Your Business Email Account

At present, all aspects certainly use email to exchange documents or information to various parties. Unfortunately, the email account could have been hacked and caused a variety of information to leak too many people. So, it’s good to always use the two factor authentication security system which is a dual security system that can protect your account from various hacker attacks continue reading.

One area that always uses email in exchanging documents or information is business. All businesses now need e-mail. Unfortunately, not many businesses know how to properly protect their business email accounts. Below are some security tips to protect your business email account properly.

1. Discipline passwords
Get used to changing passwords every few months or at least a password must be a unique combination. Why? As easily as your password is read by others, it will also be easier for your e-mail to be entered by unknown people. Change your domain every month, or if you find it difficult to try the password in a few months.

2. Pay attention to important data on your email
There are a number of things you need to pay attention to and don’t let your guard down. Often you send data or things that should not be sent using e-mail when the e-mail is entered by someone else, it will have a negative impact on your company and business. Make sure again that the email you sent is really far from the influence of hackers or spammers that will cause losses and have a negative impact on your business.

3. Be careful with email attachments
Hackers always use various ways to break into your account, but it’s good that you as an e-mail user also pay attention to what is sent to the destination e-mail. You also need to check the Attachment and consider, don’t let you send an email attachment that has the potential to carry a virus in your hosting email.