Things You Should Look for Before Making the Bouquet of Flowers

Many people are confused before flower arranging, especially for beginners. Many questions are often asked, such as how to choose what interest to buy, how much to buy, and so on. Therefore, before flower arranging, there are things that must be considered. Starting from choosing flowers, there are several important things that need to be considered in treating cut flowers to last long. So, why do you want to learn to arrange the flowres while you can easily get arreglos florales even by choosing an online order?

Before the flowers are strung together, first clean the leaves that are no longer fresh, then enter the flowers where the water is clean. Cut the lower part of the stem sideways so the flower absorbs water easily. If using roses throws away the outer petals, so that the roses look fresh again, the color of the outer rose petals is indeed dark so that the roses look no longer fresh, because the outside is indeed created to protect the inner petals. For lily, remove unused leaves because the leaves absorb a lot of water. For dendrobium orchids, sometimes the flower buds need to be wired to look beautiful when strung together. Use a plastic tube that contains water for Short-flowered flowers.

The choice of flower material for the table series should pay attention to the following things in order to increase appetite and make the meal enjoyable:

a. Not easy to fall out. this is important so that the flower avalanches don’t fall into the dish served or fall off the table.
b. Does not look dirty and unhygienic, like a flower with the color of the soil looks cloudy and rotten.
c. Does not emit a smell that is too loud so that disturbs appetite.
e. Hairless or hairy, because the feather’s character is very easy to detach from its parent if exposed to air or wind.
f. Flowers are still fresh and in good condition.
g. not sharp and pointed so that it can injure guests who come.