The Amazing Spider-Man 2 turned out to not only be in the form of a film. The story of a man named Peter Parker who has the power of a spider is also present as a game. The game has the same title as the film title. And these games are only available for Android devices and devices that carry the iOS operating system. What is this one game like? Will The Amazing Spider Man 2 Android Game be as exciting as the May 2014 film in the whole world? To find out, see the following review.


In the game The Amazing Spiderman 2, players will be faced with many things. Not only crime but interesting challenges await the spiderman. The players not only climbed walls, fired nets, but more than that. Players can carry out combo attacks to beat existing enemies. The players can also do land and air acrobatic style which will certainly cause an exciting and exciting game sensation.


In the version of the game, the characters that appear are even more. Call it Green Goblin, Electro, Black Cat, Screwball and Kraven the Hunter. Even this game version also offers a typical Spiderman costume replacement, Spider-Man Symbiote, and Spider-Man Iron.

The story carried by the game The Amazing Spiderman 2 is complex. Players will go through various challenges in an environment in Manhattan, America. Players are required to pass various districts to destroy various enemies. With this more recent and interesting story concept, of course, making the game The Amazing Spiderman 2 is not just a campaign for the film. But more than that.


The most exciting thing about the games The Amazing Spiderman 2 is from the graphics business. Gameloft presents graphics with a beautiful, detailed and high-quality environment. This game also presents good sound quality. The voice actors of each character are very good so the characters presented look so real.

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