These tips for storing various types of makeup according to the type

Almost all women certainly have various types of makeup that they often use, even the amount is usually very large and makes it difficult for them to save it. For this reason, vanity makeup is really needed. Many women are finally looking for and using the best makeup vanity. Because they really need it not only to store various makeups but also to do makeup processes every day.

However, it turns out, there are several appropriate ways to store makeup according to the type. Some of the ways in question are

1. Storage of Perfume
It is best to keep it in a dark place at room temperature so that the perfume’s aroma is more durable and long lasting. Whereas if the perfume is stored in the refrigerator, it will likely evaporate and the scent will disappear. Keep perfume at a stable room temperature so that the aroma in the perfume is not volatile and eventually disappears.

2. Various Creams
It is better to keep it in the refrigerator, because it maximizes its function itself, such as improving blood circulation, preventing swelling, and so on. However, also make sure that the storage for the cream is in the refrigerator. Because there are also some creams that can only be stored in the right room temperature.

3. Face makeup
It is best to keep it at room temperature. Besides that, try to make the makeup equipment stored neatly and clean so it won’t get dirty like a brush. Try to always clean the makeup brush so that the dirt doesn’t stick to your face. Make sure the brush is also stored in a clean and sterile place so it doesn’t get dirty easily. Because the brush will stick to your face.

4. Nail Polish Storage
It is best to keep it in room temperature and not in the refrigerator, this is so that the nail polish is not easily dry and remains stable.

5. Moisturizers and lotions
Not required to store it in the refrigerator. We recommend that you first look at whether the cosmetic products can be stored at room temperature or cold temperatures.