These Obstacles You Must Avoid During Learning a New Language

Before learning a foreign language, you should master English in order to more easily understand it. This suggestion is intended primarily for countries that do not use English as the primary language. An example is learning Arabic online. Online Arabic course sites, such as at teach Arabic to use English. So for those of you who come from countries that do not use English as the main language, you should learn English before continuing to learn Arabic.

Mastering several foreign languages ​​at once is an ability that must be possessed by people in the era of globalization. Competition is getting tougher, so many countries hold cooperation to improve their country’s economy. This is where the importance of learning a foreign language. Seeing this phenomenon, people began to learn foreign languages ​​so as not to lose in competition. Unfortunately, they often make the following mistakes that can hinder their language development:

– Trying to achieve perfection
Trying to achieve perfection in a foreign language is a very devastating mindset, even in business, this is a very wrong mindset. We learn through mistakes, when we are fixated to be perfect we miss a lot of opportunities so that we can speak in a foreign language and finally we feel that we have failed in a foreign language.

– Not much hearing something
The hearing is the communication ability that we use almost all of our lives. However, this is difficult to do unless you live in another country or are in a foreign language intensive class other than your native language. The solution, use music, non-streaming webcasts, television shows, and films. Listen, listen and listen as often as possible.

– Thinking too rigid
Learners who immediately see the dictionary when they find a new word will feel more stressed and confused than those who actually think hard to guess the meaning of a new word they meet. Therefore, the type of learner “hurriedly looking at the dictionary” easily feels frustrated and stops learning.