These Are Three Reasons Why Someone Wants To Become A Lawyer

You will often find lawyer services. but not all lawyers you meet are professional lawyers who can help you with your case. Especially if the case is considered a difficult case to resolve. One of the cases that did require a lawyer was when the case was related to the military. Lawyers who can handle the case are military defense lawyers.

The attorney’s profession is still a profession that is needed by many people, especially for those who have to face a trial. the trial is not the right place for those who do not understand the law. There are many things that must be studied and observed there. So, there are several reasons why many people still want to be a lawyer.

1. Advocates Eradicate Someone’s Injustice
Advocate profession can indeed have a positive impact on the law. However, advocate work really has nothing to do with the war between good and evil, because all advocate work when defending or accompanying clients must be based on facts and applicable legal provisions. In the end, court decisions are not only about justice, not about who is right, but more about how to achieve a compromise (win-win solution) for all parties.

2. Challenging Advocates’ Work
Legal practitioners are indeed intellectual workers who need caution, but the work is not challenging. Most are monotonous and that’s all. Young advocates, especially in large law firms, are often burdened with tedious tasks such as reviewing documents, checking and conducting routine research. In addition, advocates also spend a lot of time making standard contracts and legal opinions. Advocates are jobs that make you have to sit in the office for more than 10 hours, without being able to expect anything challenging to do.

3. Smart debate
Although in the world of litigation and mediation there is a great need for the ability to argue, legal advocacy work is not about “arguing”. Conversely, advocacy work is actually related to the art of persuading audiences such as judges, mediators or judges by giving logical opinions based on facts and existing legal theories. So, the requirement to become an advocate is not the ability to debate, but the ability to analyze a case and make the right argument in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, both in the midst of society.