These Are 3 Ways To Treat Bed Bug’s Bites

Actually, scars caused by bed bug bites can heal on their own and disappear for 1 to 2 weeks. However, you may not be able to stand the sensation of itching on the skin and want to treat it immediately. That’s why you must clean your mattress and change your bed sheets regularly, and don’t forget to buy a new king mattress to replace the old one which is infested with bed bugs.

You don’t need to panic. Here are powerful tips you can do to treat itching caused by bed bugs, including:

1. Topical cream

As a first step, immediately apply topical cream to the area of skin that is itchy due to bed bug bites. There are two types of topical creams that you can choose, namely topical creams that are sold freely at pharmacies or topical creams by prescription.

Examples of free topical creams include calamine lotions or other creams that contain diphenhydramine or cortisone. Because this drug is sold freely, make sure you really follow the rules of use on the packaging. Don’t hesitate to ask the pharmacist if you are still confused.

If the itchy skin does not subside even though topical cream has been applied, then immediately consult the nearest doctor. Your doctor may prescribe doxepin ointment or cortisone cream to help relieve it.

2. Antibiotics

Itchy skin caused by bed bug bites may make you so unable to scratch it. However, no matter how bad it is, you should avoid scratching it so it doesn’t cause secondary bacterial infection.

If you already have a skin infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to relieve the symptoms. The antibiotic can be a mupirocin ointment or an oral medication such as diphenhydramine, depending on how severe the infection is.

3. Diligently changing the sheets

Remember, treating itching due to bed bugs is not just applying an ointment or taking antibiotics. All this can be in vain if you are still lazy to change the bedsheets, hiding bed bugs and mites.

From now on, be diligent in changing bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets at least every 1-2 weeks to prevent bed bug bites in the future. Sheets must be washed using hot water to make it more effective at killing bed bugs and preventing them from coming back.