The simple tips for improving your brain’s intelligence

An acronym is an acronym that can be used to help remember information quickly. Acronyms can help remember large amounts of information because the information is shortened by using the initial letter of each word. This acronym is also often used by musicians in remembering the tone in a particular key. The use of acronyms is also appropriate at the age of the child to help remember the information and lessons given. Apart from that, you may also need to go to and check out an excellent brain supplement that you can try.

For the teachers, if it can create acronyms for their students it will help improve the ability to capture the information of the students so that students are not easy to forget the lessons that have been given and easily remember it with an acronym that has been given.

Rest periodically

The ability of the brain to work as well as muscle ability requires rest. If you study then do not force your brain to continue to think for a very long time. Take a break if you have been studying for 20 minutes.

The brain will easily store the information and knowledge that has been recorded at the beginning and end of the learning session. Take your time to rest briefly to give the brain time to store information first, then continue learning again.


Breakfast became the first nutritional intake to do many activities in the day. Breakfast in the morning turned out to greatly affect the performance of the brain. Breakfast has been proven to improve the power of concentration, memory, mental performance and our mood. People who get breakfast will get glucose intake which is the main source of energy in the body. breakfast will replace glucose in the body that has been reduced after the body is not filled food for 8 to 12 hours due to sleep. Be sure to have breakfast before 9 o’clock for your brain to work properly and improve your intelligence and improve your body’s health.