The Purpose of Preventive Maintenance of Machine Conditions

For information, calderas is a machine that functions to convert water into steam. This process of changing water involves burning in a pipe, which then heats the water. Burning can be done in the combustion chamber by flowing fuel and air. The amount of production depends on the extent of the heat and burning vessel. Boilers whose construction consists of water-filled pipes are called water tube boilers. That is the brief explanation of the boiler.

The boiler consists of complicated components so that to operate it requires people who have qualifications in their fields. People who do not have qualifications in this field are not permitted to operate boilers because of the fear of a work accident. Likewise with engine maintenance. Boilers are a category of machines that need regular maintenance. This treatment must also be carried out by people who have qualifications in their fields so that safety is guaranteed.

Machine maintenance is preventive and corrective. In preventive care, this treatment aims to maintain the state of the equipment before the equipment becomes damaged. Basically what is done is treatment carried out to prevent unexpected damage and determine the conditions that can cause production facilities to be damaged when used in the production process. Thus all production facilities that receive preventive maintenance will ensure the smooth running of their work and always be put in a condition that is ready to be used for each production process at any time. This requires a very careful plan and maintenance schedule and a more appropriate plan.

Meanwhile corrective care aims to improve damaged care. Basically the activities carried out are maintenance and maintenance carried out after the occurrence of a damage or abnormality in the facility or equipment. this activity is often referred to as repair or repair activities.