The Proper Early Steps For Jump-Start A Car Battery

To do a jumper on a car battery is not careless. There are special steps that you can practice, but you should first look at the steps that you have to do so that the battery can function again. In the meantime, check out the best jumper cables for cars as well.

Here are the methods:

1. Ensure First the Cause

Before doing a jumper on a car battery, you should first make sure the cause of the battery is damaged or damaged. Damaged or broken car batteries have different causes for each vehicle.

The way you can do to ensure the cause is by turning on the lights first. If the dimmer battery can mean that it’s dead or damaged if the light is bright it means there is no problem with the battery

2. Prepare a Good Jumper and Car Battery

If you have already confirmed the cause of your car battery is damaged or damaged. You must prepare a good battery to replace the damaged battery or worn out. You also have to prepare a new car jumper or use another car jumper. For its own diameter, prepare a jumper that has a minimum cable diameter of 10 mm.

3. Bring another car to the jumper

After preparing a good battery or jumper. The next step you have to do is bring the other car closer, or another car battery used for jumpers.

In order to make it easier, you can bring the car that the jumper will do in a face-to-face manner, besides making sure that the cable used is enough to reach the distance in doing battery jumpers with other cars.

4. Connect the two poles to the car battery properly

To do this method it is highly recommended to wear rubber gloves so that you avoid the danger of stun that can be caused by batteries. The positive pole in the car battery is given a red color, while the negative one for the car battery is black. Then you have to install a red cable for positive battery and black cable for negative battery.