The problem of Sleep Disorders Due work at night shift

Wake up and be active at night if you get a work shift at night can have a direct impact on health because it is contrary to the biological clock of the body. This is because the night is the time to sleep and during the day when you move. Someone who gets a night shift is very susceptible to sleep disorders that not only reduce the time to rest but in the long term lack of sleep can have a serious impact on physical health my online job centre. Meanwhile, visit directgov jobs website if you wish to find a job which is suitable for you.

Working the night shift is very closely related to sleep disorders

There is a term shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), which is a sleep disorder with a characteristic of insomnia and excessive drowsiness and settling due to working time. Indeed, not all night shift workers experience this disorder because they can already adopt. However, for those who experience it, they also become sleep deprived.

Normal shift workers can fulfill sleep needs with a duration of 7 hours a night, while shift workers who experience sleep disorders cannot. People with SWSD experience insomnia and drowsiness when they work. Not only has an impact on the pattern of activity, but sleep disorders also increase the risk of workplace accidents, trigger emotional disturbances, difficulty concentrating, and increase blood pressure and trigger obesity.

Sign of sleep disturbance caused by night shift work

Sleep disorders in those who can get night shifts can cause several symptoms such as:

Very extreme drowsiness when working.
Don’t feel refreshed when you wake up from sleep.
Disorders of concentration.
The appearance of eye bags.
Feeling weak.
Experiencing symptoms of depression.
Easy to get angry.

The symptom of a sleep disorder that is most at risk of causing an accident is microsleep, where a person falls asleep without realizing it. This can happen when someone is doing a job and has a loss of consciousness within a few seconds.