The Latest Mattress Technology That Can Adjust Sleep Position

Having a bed that can move automatically as in a hospital can now be used at home. Adjustable beds are an innovative bed that can be adapted to a person’s body state. The shape is not only flat but can be fixed on the neck to the head or lower position on the legs. Today, many stores sell adjustable beds because they are needed by many people, not only by hospital patients.

The number of adjustable beds sold shows that this bed does not only make sleeping more comfortable. Here are some benefits of sleeping using adjustable beds:

– Reduces stomach acid and heartburn
If you sleep on a full stomach, chances are you will get stomach acid or heartburn. When lying on a flatbed, stomach acid will move into the esophagus so as to provide a sensation of heartburn or want to vomit. Therefore, using adjustable beds, you can raise your head 6-8 inches to keep stomach acid rising into the esophagus. In addition to preventing stomach acid and heartburn, the digestive process at night gets better with a higher head position so that you get a healthy quality of sleep.

– Relieves arthritis and pain
Arthritis and other body aches can be reduced by adjustable beds. Beds that match the condition of stiff joints or joints will increase comfort during sleep, so when you wake up in the morning your body will not feel stiff or sick. For example, by raising the head and lowering the legs, it will help someone to get up from sleep more easily.

– Reduces swelling of the legs
Swelling of the feet is usually experienced by pregnant women, people who suffer from certain diseases, to people who have an accident. Positioning a flatbed during sleep will cause an increase in swelling and inflammation, so it will experience pain throughout the night. The recommended position during sleep is to raise the foot slightly higher than the head to reduce swelling.