In Catholic, there are many saints who is believed to be your protector. Not all saints are your protector. Usually when parent choose a baptist name for their baby, they will take it from a saint’s name. The saint’s name that choosen will become the protector of the baby and the baby will be baptized by the priest and the baby will always be protected by the saint whose name has been selected. Sometimes some people also find a Saint Medals that show the pictures of their saint or the name of their saint as a symbol that tell people that they are already protected by the saint which is already selected. For example you choose Saint Christopher as your guardian, then you can get a Saint Medals with his picture on it and then you can wear it every where you go as a symbol that he will always protect you.

It’s not hard for you to get the saint medals since you can visit Saints and More’s website. This is a Catholic store that can offer you a lot of Catholic stuff such as saint medals, rosary and many more. You can choose the one that you think will help you when you want to pray or you can find something that you can give as a gift for your family or your friends. This store also provide you the saint medal that you can use as a necklace and you can wear it anywhere you want to go. You can make the saint medal as your reminder that whenever you have a problem, you know that you are not alone. There will be God and your saint guardian who will always help you. You can also make the saint medal as a gift for your beloved one so you can remind them that they are never alone.

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