The Cause Of Tartar Build-Up

Tartar that is left to accumulate will definitely disturb your appearance. Many still ignore the issue of dental health this one. When you first appear it may not be immediately visible. Because the cause of tartar initially is a plaque that has accumulated. This plaque arises due to a buildup of bacterial food debris left between the teeth. The rest of the food is tucked in the teeth if not cleaned immediately, it will cause dental plaque. This situation if not treated immediately will make the dental plaque harden. This is where tartar emerges and can cause dental health problems that are getting worse. That is when you need to visit Dr Sherry Powell to help you fix the problem of the tartar build-up.

The bacteria in the tartar will attack the gums, which can cause inflammation of the gums. The longer it is left, tartar can accumulate to cover the entire surface of the tooth. As mentioned above, tartar can arise due to food scraps stuck between your teeth. Food and beverages which are the main factors causing the emergence of tartar are those that contain excess sugar. These foods and drinks such as sweets, soft drinks, and also cakes that contain excess sugar. Tartar is also more easily arise if you are a heavy smoker. In addition, if you are lazy to brush your teeth, the faster the bacteria will develop. Therefore doctors recommend that always maintain healthy teeth every day. You can also use mouthwash and dental flossing to help remove leftovers.

The dangers of tartar build-up are bad breath and lose teeth. Bad breath may still be many who ignore it, but this is one sign you have dental and oral health problems. Bad breath is a factor in the accumulation of tartar, this is caused by bacteria that accumulate in tartar. Therefore when you brush your teeth, make sure all parts of your teeth brushed everything. Tartar is left, and not immediately cleaned will cause inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums, if they are getting worse, will cause the gums to bleed easily. Conditions like this will further torture you if treatment is not immediately carried out. And can cause inflammation that occurs in the bone supporting the teeth, and cause teeth to shake.