Stress, tired of the mind or many thoughts can make our quality of life decline. Even the health of the body can be affected when the mind is stressed. We become vulnerable to various diseases. For that, it is important to have good stress management skills. One of the best ways to manage and deal with stress is to actively move the body through exercise. The types of sports themselves are very diverse. But what is considered the most effective to relieve stress is the type of exercise that is done outdoors. Like the following sports. Feelings of anxiety, tension, or fear can be released by doing a mild exercise. When exercise runs, the body will produce endorphins hormone that can help reduce stress. In addition, running sports can also boost immunity while preventing premature aging. With running sports, fitness will also be well maintained.

Walking can be an effective activity option to relieve stress. A leisurely walk of 20-30 minutes per day can help calm the mind. Almost the same as running activities, by walking the body will produce endorphins hormones that can bring a feeling of happiness. Even the extraordinary fatigue caused by stress can also be overcome. Trekking activities can also provide many benefits. Walking with long tracks and uneven topography can improve our focus or concentration while eliminating different kinds of negative thoughts. The tiredness of mind and stress can also be overcome with cycling activities. Cycling can help us to regulate breathing patterns. When cycling, we will breathe deeper and exhale carbon dioxide with a more regular pattern. As we breathe deeper, the lungs will expand and the diaphragm will rise. So that stress and pressure that exist in the central nervous system will come to subside. Not only that, the supply of oxygen to the brain also increases so that makes the mind feel more clear.

In essence, various types of outdoor activities and sports can be very powerful to relieve stress and the burden of the mind that we feel. Just choose the activities that can make you feel most comfortable doing it.

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