Although there is no investment capital because there are still other needs that must be met, in this article, you can learn 3 ways to collect investment capital so that your financial needs can be achieved. Apart from that, you may also need to learn about investment mis selling so you can understand the risk of investment better.

Some of the ways to collect investment Capital

1. Set aside and take advantage of residual income

The first way to collect investment capital in this list is to make use of previously set aside income.

Think about it, what should you fulfill first after you receive a monthly salary/income? Fulfill everything you have to fulfill every month and always set aside a minimum of 10% of all your income to invest.

Or, you can also set aside 10% first of the total income and the rest is only used to meet all needs. If possible, add the 10% percent to 20%, 30% and so on to invest.

When you are accustomed to setting aside income as an initial capital for investment, you can also invest every month and in the end, can achieve financial freedom.

2. Freelance or Part Time

Today, the demand for professional workers in various fields is very high, especially because of the increasing number of startups or new businesses that require professional staff by outsourcing.

If you have expertise in a particular field, for example, graphic design, take advantage of your expertise for clients in need. Of every project that you work with the client, usually the fee offered is very good.

From this income, you can set it aside as investment capital to savings or even to meet all the needs that have not been met.

3. Start a Side Business

Start a side business or work in an existing business. Indeed, in the process, you will continue to need business capital.

But, if the business is already running and is consistently able to generate income with good value, you can set aside the income to invest.

Also set aside the income as business capital to continue to grow your business.

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