Some Of The Common Computer Viruses And How To Handle Them

Computer viruses are made with the aim that is not good, namely to steal data on a computer without the knowledge of the owner. many negative effects arising from computer viruses include damage to data and programs on the computer so that the data cannot be opened, or programs on the computer cannot run. In addition, the virus will also multiply itself with a very large amount that will fill the space on the computer and will aggravate the performance and RAM and processor. Apart from that, we also recommend you to try the best Superior antivirus to get the finest protection for your PC.

Types of Computer Viruses

1. Trojan

A Trojan is a computer virus created with the aim of controlling and stealing data on a computer. Trojans usually spread via the internet and the location of trojan deployments is email or personal data that is not given a password.
To overcome the trojan virus by using Trojan Remover or Trojan Hunter

2. Worm

A worm is a computer virus that can replicate itself. The most dangerous thing about the worm is that it can multiply itself so quickly that if the computer is hit by a worm virus for a long time, the worm will fulfill the capacity of the hard drive and make the memory full.
How to deal with this type of worm virus by using a regular antivirus, or with the pro version of antivirus will get maximum results

3. Memory Resident Virus

Memory Resident Virus is a virus that can infect computer RAM. The effect of this type of virus is that the computer becomes slow.
How to overcome this type of virus by using an antivirus, but the antivirus used must also be updated regularly.

4. Web Scripting Virus

The Web Scripting Virus is a program used to beautify the content of a website, but this program is used to interfere with certain purposes. In order to overcome this type of virus can use Microsoft’s default Windows tool and do a regular scan.