Solve Skin Problems Following with Olive Oil

When you want to buy olive oil, you will generally be greeted with two choices: olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Both are still the same healthy fat concentrate olive juice. The only difference is the process of processing. You can get organic extra virgin olive oil cold pressed on our website. Here are some beauty issues that you can heal by using olive oil:

– Removes stretch marks

Postpartum or you experience weight gain, usually leaving stretch marks or fine lines in some parts of the body such as stomach and thighs. Such fine lines will undoubtedly disrupt our appearance and belief in front of the husband. Well, let’s try to remove this stretch mark by using olive oil. The trick is very easy, just apply olive oil to taste in the area of stretch marks while massaged with a soft and soft. Merging between massage and olive oil, helps blood circulation become more smoothly. That way, skin regeneration becomes faster and stretch marks can disappear soon.

– Overcoming Dry Lips, Broken

Are your lips dry and cracked? the use of lipstick or lip moisturizer does not help reduce the dryness? Try applying olive oil to the lips. Do it regularly every day to get maximum results. Olive oil contains a natural moisturizer, so it can prevent the occurrence of dry lips and broken.

In addition to beauty, did you know that olive oil can be used to:

– Prevent Osteoporosis

Olive oil contributes to the absorption of calcium by the body. If calcium is absorbed optimally by the body then the bone becomes more solid and can prevent osteoporosis in old age. Olive oil is also very good consumed by children because it can help the child’s body becomes higher.

– Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Oleocanthal is a type of natural phenolic compound contained in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Oleocanthal is known to overcome the abnormal protein causes and helps reduce the accumulation of beta-amyloid as the cause of Alzheimer’s. Other studies also mention that in Mediterranean countries, Alzheimer’s case is very low, after being observed because the people there consume lots of olive oil.