Religion Empowers People Positively

Religious teachings to provide a spirit of independence and creativity for a person to be better and directed without being infiltrated by fraud or a crime that harms others miracle healing prayers . the spirit of creativity can invite all people in the world to cooperate with each other in work, work and utilize skills, interests, and talents for the progress of the nation and state. Apart from that, you may check out Prayer for healing if you really are believing in Christianity.

It works as an identity

Any religion in the world is as a person’s identity as a religious community and not atheism. the identity can be found on a resident card, passport, and another important letter. it shows that we must respect the religion of others who actually have been recognized as a legitimate religion in the world.

Religion can also be called theoretical teaching

That is, that teaches about how to behave in a manner that is in accordance with the norms, morals, and rules of rules, orders, and prohibitions on prohibitions related to ethics in society. which aims to make it easy to create peace, mutual respect, and live side by side without recognizing differences in religion or tradition.

Religion can also be called a fortress of strength

That is as a fortress of strength that does not recognize space and time because it plays a major role in influencing human behavior and attitudes individually or socially, this sentence was once stated by an expert in sociology named Emile Durkheim.

Religion can also be called pride

That having religion means having pride because it has a god where we surrender, asking for help and means to worship to be human can be closer to the Almighty and become a better person. religion as a personal pride but not to be displayed in the form of arrogance, showing off or arrogance. because arrogance will only distance us from other people from having a boundary wall to interact with each other. this is because humans basically do not like someone who is showing off and proud in order to boast.