Sophisticated devices with personal characteristics are now not just smartphones. If you follow the development of technology and gadgets in the past two years, you must be very familiar with the terms smart band and smartwatch. Smartband and smartwatch have similar basic functions. It’s just that, Smartband has a simpler design because it functions more like a bracelet. With the increasing number of smart band variants, are you interested in using them? Then do you know the reason why you should use smart band especially with heart rate monitor watches technology? The fitness tracker is one model that is identical with smartband, and vice versa. Fitness Tracker means activity and sports tracking devices, where you can use the smart band for three main things; calculate the number of footsteps, calculate the distance traveled by walking or running or counting the number of calories burned.

Apart from these functions, there are several additional functions that can be done by the certain smart band, one of which is calculating heart rate, measuring quality and recording daily sleep hours, and measuring skin temperature. All these functions can be done with a sensor in each smart band. As for the basic functions of conventional bracelets, for men and women is none other than to show up. Some people feel more confident with bracelets on their wrists. Likewise with Smartband, on paper, the smart band has a more attractive shape and design than regular bracelets.

Not all smart band supports notification display. However, most of them are able to display notifications from messages and phones that enter the smartphone. How to connect a smartphone and smart band using a Bluetooth connection. Of course, you can only read incoming messages, but cannot reply to incoming messages. But at least, this function is very useful in certain situations, for example when you are driving, bathing or in a place that you cannot reach your cell phone. ¬¬Because basically this smartband was created to facilitate your life.

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