Reasons To Choose A Zebra Printer

Zebra P330i is a single-sided id card printer that was produced more than 8-10 years ago by Zebra Corporation of the United States. This printer until now there has been no regeneration or updates to newer types. This shows that the Zebra P330i printer has proven to be reliable and resilient in the quality and performance of PVC card printing in both color and black. It is very rare to find fatal damage to Zebra products because they use strong ingredients so they can be used for long periods of time. However, it is not difficult to find Zebra Printer Repair if you want to check your zebra printer.

The Zebra P330i is most widely used for personalized printing on patient and member card applications, where printing only uses black ribbons. The black print is very solid and flat from edge to edge of the card. And this printer has an LCD so it can make it easier for you to monitor the card printing process.

5 Reasons to choose a Zebra P330i Printer:
1. The black print is very solid and even from edge to edge of the card.
2. The price of the black ribbon and the cheapest color compared to other printers.
3. Very reliable and tough to be used to print PVC cards in large quantities at one time.
4. It is suitable for color photo printing on student card applications or member ID cards, where the color printing is not full in all areas of the card.
5. It is suitable for black print only (barcode and text) on the application of patient cards, member cards, warranty cards, and NPWP cards
Print Speed ​​of Zebra P330i ID Card Printer:
• Black monochrome (k) ribbon print speed of 600 cards/hour
• Full-color ribbon print speed of 144 cards/hour

5-10 years ago the zebra p330i printer was sold at very high prices ranging from $ 1,850 – $ 2,250. It also includes the price of the ribbon which was also sold at high prices.