Quality Backlink Tips for SEO

In theory, link building is the practice of SEO to do link building activities in order to increase the popularity of a website, usually, the activities carried out such as commenting on other blogs or forums and including the website address. While a backlink is a link text link which if you click it will lead to a web page. Then, how do you get your website backlinks? Well, here are some tips that you can apply to get quality backlinks and not create the impression of spammers. Anyway, if you are searching for the best Link Building Service Singapore, you can visit our website.

1. Place a Backlink on a Website with a High-Value Authority
If likened, you are a job applicant and consider the search engine HRD. So the first step that you will prepare is a CV that attracts the attention of its personnel, but what if you have a lot of insider connections that have high authority in the office that recommends you, wouldn’t you be easier to get into the office? and what if those who recommend you have low authority at the office? Is your chance big to be the employee? Well, as well as backlinks, quality backlinks are if the website you want to target has good value, by looking at the PageRank of the website, the higher the value of the backlink to be planted, the more quality.

2. Use Backlinks with the anchor text keywords that we are targeting
If you are targeting your website with the keyword “selling cheap clothes” then use these words in the anchor text on your website’s external link. But you can also use related keywords such as synonyms such as cheap clothes, cheap uniforms and so on.

3. Plant Backlinks with Informative Content
Avoid words that are repeated continuously, too short and do not provide any information.

4. Monitor Competitor Backlink Sources
More often monitor the source of backlinks from your competitors, through the backlink assessor sites, there are several tools that you can use such as Alexa, Aherfs, Moz, Semrush and Majestic SEO.

5. Find Backlink Sources from Different Geographical Locations
You can get backlink sources from forums or blogs from different countries not just from local forums or blogs. This is useful so that the backlinks that you plant are getting better known.