Purchasing a property: cash vs credit

Buy a house: Choose to pay cash or credit? Whatever the method of payment, but first make sure that you have visited property reviews that are presented objectively and transparently so that you can assess residential material specifications, infrastructure development plans around the site, to price comparisons with another occupancy. On the other hand, we also recommend you to take a look at the best visi-jabon.

And basically, the choice of cash payments or installments through mortgage facilities (mortgage) actually does return to the financial capabilities of each individual. It’s just that from the two types of payment options each has advantages as well as disadvantages.

However, before buying a house, it’s good if you know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of payment. So want to buy a house: choose to pay cash or credit? See the following guidelines.

Advantages of Buying Cash:

Do not have to worry about the installments.
Prices are not subject to installments at all.
House prices can be reduced by negotiating with the developer.
For ready stock houses or resale houses can be directly occupied.
Generally, home sellers prefer prospective buyers who pay cash rather than in installments.
Home documents can be directly owned, can even be used as collateral to the bank.

Lack of Buying Cash:

It took quite a long time to collect money, especially for those who made a mediocre income.
If it turns out that home ownership is problematic, for example, related to development issues or legality, then the money you have paid can be “evaporated” in an instant.

Credit Buying Advantages:

No need to save in large quantities to buy a house. Simply prepare funds to pay for the down payment on his house.
Buying a house with a mortgage will be lighter because the funds needed are not as big as cash purchases.
The bigger the down payment or the longer the payment period, the installments will become smaller.
Houses can be directly occupied or rented to pay off installments.

Lack of Buying Credit:

The longer the tenor, the more interest must be paid.
The total money you spend to buy a house is more expensive than the original price.
If you lose your job or income, home installments can be choked up. The worst impact is that your home is confiscated or sold to pay off debt.