Having facial acne skin does require treatment that is different from the usual skin type. If the normal or dry skin can be more flexible to choose products, acne prone skin cannot be that. The selected product should at least be oily and help to solve the problem of acne. Having acne prone skin does not mean you do not need a moisturizer. Choose a moisture-based moisturizer that is light and does not make an oily skin. You can find the best face moisturizer for acne skin by visiting our website.

If one treats, of course, the acne will be more severe or may leave a mark. If you have acne skin types, then there are three things that are taboo for you.

1. Excessive cleaning
Cleaning the face is the key to the owner of acne skin to recover quickly from acne. However, if it is too excessive to clean, then the acne will be easier to come. PH skin is generally disturbed when too often clean the face. Even irritation or itching cannot be avoided. Products used to clean the face should also support the skin type and needs. So effective and efficient.

2. Scrub at acne site
Peeling or scrubs are recommended to be done on acne prone skin to help remove any residual dead skin cells. However, it is not advisable rubbed on the part that is acne. Acne is actually a skin that is inflamed due to the presence of bacteria and dirt that clog pores. When the scrub, the area will be even more hurt. Bacterias can spread to other areas.

3. Like changing products
To find a suitable product does need your own research. But usually when it finds a suitable product, yes no need to move again. Unfortunately, most women are unfaithful to products that have long been worn. Women tend to get bored quickly and hooked to taste the new products they find.

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