Primary Key of Tranquility

Many of today’s worldly people seek peace of life, when we see the phenomenon of so many young people and parents who are trapped in drugs or drugs, when we ask them; why they want to try drugs, maybe someone answered that life is very boring no tranquility and pleasure, maybe there is answering stress with life that is being lived, there is answering the stress disconnected by the boyfriend and some even try to realize that they need calm from the drugs.

Drug Addicts and the like, they really enjoy the calm given by the drug, even they do not feel they were herded to death who already peeped in front of the eyes, they do not even care the day of his death, even want to quickly leave this life because of the heavy burden of life that must they bear. In their lives there is no purpose of life to be achieved, it seems life is meaningless and empty.

That is what happens if our lives do not have God, the above thing happens to many people, ironically many Christians are trapped with the tranquility of life because their hearts feel uneasy about the life they live. Therefore, to always make us closer to God would be better if we always go to church and read the Bible as a guide to life. In addition, to make us always remind of god then we can put pictures of Jesus in our homes so we can also get peace and comfort in the house. In spite of that, here are some key to getting tired!

1. Close to God
If a person in his life is able to present a god wherever he is, he will certainly gain peace and tranquility, because God is always present wherever he is.

2. Relying entirely on God
If a person will rely on every life to God and surrender all the burdens of the matter to God then he will find peace from God.

3. Live in the truth
Where there is a truth there will grow peace, and the effect of righteousness is peace and tranquility forever (Isaiah 32:17), A person living in righteousness is certain that he will find peace and tranquility. The crisis of peace of life, is actually generated from within the heart of a person, whether someone is willing to believe in God and believe that God is always along with in his life, If your heart is still not calm about life, whether it is about work and career, money/material, continuity of the household, children, husband or wife, leave it all to God, God there must be a special plan for you, what the eye never see, what never arise in the human mind, that is what God provides for us who always want to depend on the Lord Jesus.