Preparing Your Boardroom Skills

You are in your last semester in college and try to figure out your career route to achieve. In this case, you really want to run your career in one of the best companies. Perhaps, the thing that you always think of is likely to get accepted in one of those companies in any position. However, besides you are about to realize your short-term goals, you are also recommended to think of your long term goals. Many people even do not plan for their long term goals. They just focus on what is going to happen immediately whereas what step you take today determines what you are tomorrow. For instance, it is good that some of you plan to stay on board as your latest position in the company just like Vitor hallack.

As you are quite obsessed with being a member of the board in the company, you should commit to getting your career in a very good way. It is only a few people that can be chosen to stay on the board of the company. They are selected as they are excellent at their works. In other words, you should build a good track record if you want to get chosen into people of the board. By this way, you are going to feel more motivated to run your career as you have long term vision.

With long vision, you are going to be different from employees that have no idea of what they are going to be. You are going to be more careful to take your step as you really maintain your integrity.

With personal integrity, people around you are going to consider that you are trustworthy. They really count on you as you really want to work for them beside you are certainly capable of doing any tasks. By this way, as you really have a clear long term plan, you must feel more dedicated to the company.