Practicing Music Can Make Someone Potential To Become A Successful Person

Success is not always measured by how much money is earned from work. Success can be obtained by anyone if they can achieve their own dreams joe solo. How to get into the music industry is not the only question a person must have when they want to succeed in music. Why? Because one thing that is rarely realized by people is the desire of the market. Yes, as the name suggests, the music industry always needs a market to be able to make it survive.

The fact that people may not realize is that if someone is very happy to play music, it turns out they can achieve success in other things that they elaborate on.

1. More creative
Recent research shows that many successful politicians and entrepreneurs at a young age learn music. For example learning piano, clarinet, or sax. The wind instruments were, in fact, able to increase creativity.

2. Brains that develop differently
Like many existing studies, playing an instrument tends to have many beneficial effects on the brain, especially seen in children.
Indeed, the brains of early childhood (around 9-11) have a significant ‘gray area volume’. Although this does not mean that musicians are smarter, it shows that their brains make unique and interesting connections than those who do not play music.

3. Have a better relationship with other people
Music is often seen as a way to connect different cultures, ideas, and perspectives. Even when you are not familiar with a location, you can use your musical abilities to get to know the people around you and establish relationships that might have been considered impossible before.

4. Obsessive
His name is people already like music, whatever happens, he will pursue even though it takes a long process. It is this obsession that makes them willing to be diligent in studying music until they can and are skilled. Can you see it, the tenacity? Successful people need to be resilient in trying.

5. Have a higher IQ level
This point applies especially to those who have studied music from a young age, for example around 6 years. Indeed, a study found that children who learn musical instruments at an early age have a greater IQ increase than those who do not.