An Overview of Advertising on the Web

What exactly is the concept of advertising in the Internet world? How do web marketers determine the price of their banner ads? A fundamental thing like this is still not much known to the advertisers who want to advertise on the Internet.

Nowadays, advertising on the Internet is simply a move to media advertising from print or electronic media to more interactive online media. Most advertisers and site owners still have the thought that advertising on the Internet will be the same as advertising on regular media. But actually, advertising on the internet is the most appropriate way to do in this era that everything is already connected to the internet. One easy way for businesses to advertise their products or services is with the help of Craigslist Posting Service.

Regardless, there are many unique features that exist in advertising on the web. Besides being more interesting, advertising on the web is also more interactive. You can know exactly the effectiveness of an ad you put on a particular web; such as how many visitors see your ad, or how many clicks your ad receives.

For online publishing sites, loading banner ads in addition to providing benefits will also be easier to do. Nowadays by using the various ad management software available, the installation and retraction of ads can be done automatically. No more trouble and hassles set up the installation and lifting of a banner ad. Often also site owners set a high price for advertising on their site and show a series of large hit rate or page view numbers to state how many visitors traffic on their site. Indeed, the hit numbers and large page views can indicate a large number of visitors on the site, but not always.

Hits can be interpreted as requests for an item from a web server. For example, if a visitor calls a page with four images, it will generate 5 hits; one makes a page, and 4 create the picture. For that, hit is not a good guide to measuring traffic on a website, because it does not indicate the actual number of visitors.

Page View is defined as the number of accessing a web page. Unlike a hit, the page view only counts the number of times a page is accessed, while the hit counts all the elements present in a page, including the image. But the page view becomes very difficult to measure because the page also includes frames that divide it into several parts.

Then what can be held as an indicator of the high traffic of visitors on a website? Indeed all of the above can be used as an indicator of the number of visitors to a site. But the numbers themselves are not absolute because many of the elements contained in these indicators make it look so great.