One Trusted Online Social Network

Every day people share their data on the internet by using their social media. Those data that they share every day are going to be stored in specific data base systems that belong to their social media. Nowadays marketing optimisation is giving easy internet access for sharing some of data on some of social media platforms. This kind of sharing activity could be done in some of social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

All you have to do for sharing your data is just filling the blank sign up form and then clicking the agreement check list sign on the next page of the sign up blank form. We understand that technology gives easy ways for people to share their files such as photos or even videos to others. In the other side, this kind of online social network can also bring negative impact the social media users. We know there are also many professional hackers who can access their social media accounts in silent.

Therefore, some of social media platforms will ask for high security system on their social data base system. They will ask their users to give some of unique symbols and letters for their passwords. It is so dangerous if they don’t warn their users about the negative impact of creating simple password for their social media accounts.

Besides the suggestions for creating unique and high difficult password codes the social media companies will also use the specific security system on the setting feature of their social media platforms. The social media users can also choose some of privacy settings so other users can’t detect some of data from their social media accounts. The users even can hide their daily status on their social media account so not everyone can read their privacy status.