When a company or yourself needs translator services to translate various documents that you cannot understand the language, it will be very good when you get the right translator agency and can help you translate the various languages used in a document. One that you can trust is Vertaalbureau Leuven met professionele en uiterst ervaren vertalers. With their help, you can translate any language you don’t know.

In an official translator company, there are several general terms that are usually used there. Such as

1. Adaptation
Adaptation differs from translation in the sense that adaptation seeks to capture the essence, meaning and original text message without becoming too literal. The results are not literal translations but still convey the original meaning.

2. Background information
Sometimes translators will need background information about the text that allows them to provide accurate translations. This information will provide additional facts about the subject matter, context, audience and terminology.

3. Calculation of the amount of text
All translation agencies need to count the number of texts or “count of words”. This helps in determining prices, determining the turnaround times and the number of translators needed to complete the translation.

4. Official translation
The official translation is where the translation agency or freelance translator does the translation work then states the fact that they are doing the work in the form of information or accompanying signatures. Official translations are usually required for official documents.

A term sometimes used to classify Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.

6. Computer Assisted Translation
Not all translations are done by human translators. Due to technological advances, computer software can now do or help with translation. This way shows the use of the software along with the translator. The tool is generally used to manage specific terminology related to the intended field plus translation memory.

All of these terms are very often used by companies from official translators that you can use. You also have to understand the term well.

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