In 2018, it is predicted that business owners will continue to utilize the uniqueness of each of their businesses to compete. By identifying the community’s interest in new services and providing precise services, you can use this strategy in business. On the other hand, if you’re looking for land lots of properties in Lombok, we recommend you to visit dari kuta ke lombok
and find the promising ones for your investment or business.

For example, nowadays hotels often carry certain themes and are referred to as boutique hotels. You can follow it too.

For example, create a room with a unique theme: for example a classic theme with a wooden interior combined with brass, or a room with a sea theme with an interior like a ship with patterned wood.

If you are still confused, don’t hesitate to do a simple research to find out if your idea has the potential to succeed. You can do research, focus group discussions (FGD), as well as trial and error.

Determine the Marketing Strategy

Marketing is also a determining factor in the success of your homestay lodging business, because as good or as comfortable as any lodging, it will be in vain if people fail to recognize or know it.

Therefore, don’t forget about marketing or promotion factors. Take it easy, now you can run a simple marketing strategy with technological sophistication, for example by utilizing social media.

Don’t forget to also carry out conventional marketing strategies such as putting up unique banners with pictures in front of the business location, distributing brochures, and creating attractive promotional programs.

Examples are promo price promos on weekdays or offseason.

Prepare Capital

Starting a homestay lodging business does not require capital as big as a hotel, but of course, you still need initial capital and the ability to overcome operating costs before you can make a profit.

Try making simple financial planning that estimates the initial costs you need. This fee is then continued with operational costs.

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